GV 19,30

Laminated extralight glass and mouth-blown glass, shaped, painted with grisaille, fired and assembled

344 1/2 x 551 1/5 x 72 3/5 inches


Saint John XXIII church, Bergamo New Hospital



Traversi F., Traversi P., La chiesa San Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo, Grafica & Arte, 2014

The permanent glass installation in the Saint John XXIII church was designed by the Italian artist Andrea Mastrovito and realized by the master glazier Lino Reduzzi. The project takes life from an authentic reinvention of the traditional concept of stained-glass windows: Mastrovito created an evocative story that is set in a tridimensional scenary composed by many perspective layers, giving real depth to the entire work.

Each glass work is composed by three different metal frames: they have the structural function to support the glass sheets and both divide the space into various depth layers as designed by Mastrovito. The accurate realization of this art project was made possible thanks to a skillful use of the most innovative glass manufacturing technologies: each layer is composed by extralight glass sheets, minutely shaped and finally laminated several times in order to obtain the appropriate thicknesses. The decorated surface was then realized with transparent mouth-blown glass, painted with grisaille by the artist himself, fired and finally assembled with the glass supports according to specific procedures and schemes.
This work was entirely produced in Lino Reduzzi’s workshop and finally installed in the church.

The gold background surface of the three apses was drawn by Mastrovito and gilded by Studio Reduzzi using size and 24 karat genuine gold leafs.


Andrea Mastrovito

Traversi+Traversi Architects