La trasparenza inquieta / The restless transparency

11 glass works realized with colored mouth-blown glass, etched with acid, painted with glazes, silver salts and grisaille, fired and leaded

Variable dimensions


Courtesy the artist



Eugenio Carmi. La trasparenza inquieta, exhibition catalogue (Boccadasse, Galleria del Deposito, September-October 2013), curated by C. Cerritelli, La Spezia, Startè, 2013

Eugenio Carmi. Ragione e spiritualità, exhibition catalogue (Stockholm, Italian Cultural Institute “C. M. Lerici”, May-July 2012), curated by P. Asti, La Spezia, Startè, 2012

“Reduzzi’s operational quality goes beyond the pure and simple artisanal skill; it becomes a creative attitude, a sensibility that permits to realize every time different art works, without any concession to the logic of repetition or mass production.”

C. Cerritelli, The restless transparency, 2013


Eugenio Carmi