Mosaics with polished marble and bronze tesserae

Octagons side 122 inches


Galleria Mazzini, Genoa (Italy)


In occasion of the G8 reunion in Genoa (July 2001), the Galleria Mazzini flooring was enhanced by four large mosaics based on the original sketches drawn by the Italian artist Francesco Somaini and realized by Lino Reduzzi.

The mosaics, located in the sandstone flooring of the gallery in correspondence of the four glass crowns, are octagonal (side 122 inches – surface 45 square meters each) and were realized with polished marble and bronze tesserae.

The four original drawings by Somaini are about the three of life theme, here represented as a development of roots and fronds, “metaphor – as the artist said – of human life and, moreover, of history”.


Archivio Francesco Somaini