HSIAO Chin and Studio Reduzzi – A long-term artistic collaboration

Hsiao Chin (蕭勤) in Lino Reduzzi’s workshop – Photo Studio Reduzzi

It continues intensely the successful artistic collaboration between Studio Reduzzi and Hsiao Chin (蕭勤), the international renowned Chinese artist, one of the first whom came to Europe being operative in Italy at the end of the Fifties. Studio Reduzzi is very close to him for more than twenty-five years through a long collaborations history and a strong friendship.

Hsiao is considered a pioneer of the abstract art in China. Leading member of the Ton Fan Group (1956), he established – together with Li Yuan-chia (李元佳) and Antonio Calderara – the artistic movement Il Punto (1961) and he was the founder of the international movements Surya (1978) – together with Joe Tilson and Kengiro Azuma – and Shakti (1989). His artistic journey brings together oriental culture and spirituality with the knowledge of the occidental artistic modernity, that he studied and experienced during his long stays in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris, New York and Milan.

In the last months, Hsiao Chin and Lino Reduzzi are working together side by side for an ambitious project of the Chinese artist, realizing a large mosaic with Venetian smalto tesserae, natural gold and silver tiles, designed ad hoc by Hsiao for an important private client. Further information will be released in the following months.