The Golden Tower – James Lee Byars at the Venice Biennale 2017

During the 57th International Art Exposition in Venice (Italy), as a part of the Collateral Events of the Biennale, Michael Werner Gallery will present The Golden Tower by the American artist James Lee Byars, that will be installed en plein air in Campo San Vio (Dorsoduro, Venice) on the edge of the Grand Canal and it will be on view from 13th May through 26th November 2017.

Byars conceived this project starting from the second half of the Seventies and he envisioned The Golden Tower as a colossal monument, a beacon, a gilded oracle that would bridge heaven and earth unifying humanity.
With its 22,5 meters height, this sculpture is the artist’s largest and most ambitious work: the Venice installation fully realizes his intention of presenting the monument in a pubblic space and it is doubly significant given Byars’ deep conncetions to the city, where he lived on and off starting from 1982.

Studio Reduzzi is pleased to announce its collaboration to this ambitious project, for which Lino Reduzzi gilded the entire surface of the tower. They were used more than 30.000 24 kt. genuine gold leafs 80×80 mm, applied by Reduzzi with the oil-based size traditional technique. In short time, it will be published online a detailed description of the entire work, which will illustrate the various executive phases.

The presentation of The Golden Tower is curated by Alberto Salvadori and made possible thanks to the generosity of Fondazione Giuliani (Rome) and the support of Michael Werner Gallery (New York / London).

For further information, please contact the gallery and visit the official website of the Venice Biennale.