Il seme / The seed

Photocatalytic concrete Italcementi TX-Active®, 24 karats genuine gold leaf, electrical mechanism

118 1/10 x 118 1/10 x 47 1/4 inches


Scuola Edile di Bergamo, Seriate (Italy)


The monument was designed and modeled by the Japanese artist Kyoji Nagatani with the technical partnership of Lino Reduzzi, whom coordinated both the design and execution phases of this art work.

A part of the internal surface of the sculpture was gilded by Studio Reduzzi after having been appropriately treated.
The gilding was realized using 24 karats genuine gold leafs. The surface, after having been finely polished, was adequately treated with a transparent protective paint against degradation phenomena.

“The seed contains the potential of life, its organized becoming, its construction; it is their symbol. The seed includes the essence and the energy of the future germ that needs, to be born, that power made of passion, will and humilty. […] This is indeed the spirit shared during all the realization phases of this sculpture.”

K. Nagatani, May 2012


Kyoji Nagatani