lino reduzzi studio 2010
Lino Reduzzi in his workshop, 2010 – Photo Giorgio De Giorgi


Studio Reduzzi was founded by Lino Reduzzi (Bergamo, b. 1957) thanks to the artisanal skills he gained during more than thirty-five years of constant and intense practice in the fields of cultural assets restoration, artistic stained-glass and mosaic.

After an early period at the Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti, Reduzzi studied at the Artistic High School in Bergamo and subsequently enrolled in the Department of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. The foundations of his vocational training were laid during his work experience in the prestigious¬†Fratelli Taragni’s workshop in Redona (Bergamo), that he attended as an assistant since he was young. Here, on the basis of well-established Italian fine art tradition, Lino Reduzzi had the opportunity to learn and practice a wide variety of techniques related to preservative restoration of cultural assets, pictorial decoration and stained-glass art.
Following important experiences with mosaic masters, in 1990 Reduzzi began to explore this technique adding to his skills a further specialization in mosaic art.

Inspired from the very beginning by an authentic and deep interest in contemporary art, in the nineties Lino Reduzzi decided to share his well-established artisanal skills with artists and architects and to work alongside them in order to realize stained-glass and mosaics and to support them during the design, execution and maintenance phases of large-scale installations.

The main goal of Studio Reduzzi is to realize brand new artworks designed by contemporary artists applying the oldest and finest artisanal techniques that belong to Italian tradition, in order to give new life to this “know-how” and both add value to contemporary art projects.

Today Lino Reduzzi practices this job with his most trustworthy assistants in many different temporary working site and in his workshop in Castel Rozzone (Bergamo).