HSIAO Chin – To the eternal garden

The web section “Mosaics” has been updated adding the mosaics series To the eternal garden by the Chinese artist Hsiao Chin (蕭勤).

The series is composed by 13 mosaics realized by Lino Reduzzi and Hsiao Chin in the period 1992-2015, whose original sketches belong to the portfolio of paper works of the same name: it is a theme particularly close to the Chinese artist, who began to develop at the beginning of the Nineties.

For the realization of these glass works, Lino Reduzzi and Hsiao Chin worked side by side in order to create a specific new mosaic texture: the mosaics are made of colored Venetian smalto tesserae, meticulously hand-cut in small tiles and laid at different heights on various layers, in order to fully match the stylistic requirements expressed by the artist himself.

Some of these works were shown for the very first time in the retrospective exhibition Eighty years of energy: Hsiao Chin’s restrospect & prospect, that the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts of Taichung (Taiwan) organized in 2015 to celebrate Hsiao Chin’s 80th birthday.

Finestre Meridiane – Stefano Arienti on show at Villa Croce Museum in Genoa

Stefano Arienti in Lino Reduzzi’s workshop, 2015 – Photo Studio Reduzzi

For the 13th Contemporary Art Day institued by AMACI on Saturday 14th October 2017, the Contemporary Art Museum of Villa Croce in Genoa (Italy) will present the solo show “Finestre Meridiane. Intersezioni con la collezione di Villa Croce” by the Italian artist Stefano Arienti, curated by Anna Daneri and Francesca Serrati.

It is an ambitious project, mounted through the noble floor of the villa, in which the permanent collection of the museum is shown directly in conversation with eighty brand new works by Arienti belonging to the unpublished series The Sundials / Le Meridiane.
On show there will be also five works that the artist realized between 2014 and 2016 with the technical collaboration of Studio Reduzzi. Here Arienti experienced and improved the traditional fresco technique, with which he was able to reproduced on the plaster the variations of light produced by the movement of the sun and catched by the artist during an entire day.

The exhibition runs till 14th January 2018; for further information, here is the link of the event.


Floriano BODINI – Saint Alexander

The web section “Glasses” has been updated adding the art work Sant’Alessandro / Saint Alexander by the Italian artist Floriano Bodini.

This stained-glass window is based on the original sketch drawn by the artist and it was realized by Lino Reduzzi in the period 1999-2000. Studio Reduzzi used the oldest and finest techniques that belong to stained-glass art tradition: the mouth-blown glass was accurately selected, etched with acid, painted with glazes, silver salts and grisaille, fired and leaded. The work was finally installed in the church of Saint Alexander Episcopal College in Bergamo (Italy).

Andrea MASTROVITO – Les etrangers 01

The web section “Glasses” has been updated adding the art work Les etrangers 01 by the Italian artist Andrea Mastrovito.

It is a glass work realized by the artist in 2014 with the technical partnership of the master glazier Lino Reduzzi. The original sketch is based on the novel of the same name written by Albert Camus and the work was specifically designed and realized for the show Les etrangers, held at Art Bärtschi & Cie in Geneva (Switzerland) from 15th January untill 14th March 2015. With this solo exhibition by Mastrovito the gallery inaugurated its new spaces in the Quartier des Bains in Geneva.

Enrico DELLA TORRE – Rhythmic

The web section “Mosaics” has been updated adding the art work Ritmico / Rhythmic by the Italian artist Enrico Della Torre.

It is a mosaic realized by Lino Reduzzi in 2010, whose sketch was accurately chosen from the many etchings made by the artist in his long career and illustrated in the catalogue raisonné “Enrico Della Torre. Catalogo generale dell’opera grafica. 1952-2012, curated by Sandro Parmiggiani, introduction by Ernesto Ferrero, technical collaboration of Alberto Reduzzi, Milan-Geneva, Skira, 2012″.